Patrick Binding

My experience in business coaching, with expert knowledge from well-known companies such as KPMG & Deloitte, Dentsu International and as business line manager of a Start-Up-business makes me a qualified  consultant and business coach.
My expertise in the public sector should also be distinguished: My functions for authorities and organisations such as the UN, the NATO, the Criminal Investigation Police Department, the Federal Ministry of Defense and the German Armed Forces are representative examples.
As a well-trained and former military officer as well as veteran and liaison officer, I am specialized in strategic and targeted conversations, interviews and questioning techniques, which was also supplemented by methods of interrogation.
My studies in psychology and sociology have created an environment of constant socio-psychological and intercultural development, with a focus on personality development, communication, cross-cultural management and individual human behavior. In addition, my certificates, qualifications and my work as an author provide a basis for creative, innovative and analytical thinking, which I have implemented many times in effective coaching.
My know-how in life coaching were shaped by interacting as a horse-assisted coach and as psychotherapeutic advisor.

My approved certificate as systemic-integrative business and life coach completes the overall impression.
By multifaceted and international insights, I was able to acquire a conceptual and wide-ranging knowledge from different special fields, which allows me to put myself into every position or occupational category.
I have the ability to get involved with the person I am talking to in an empathetic and discreet manner. While implementing my coaching methods as well as workshops and various presentations as a tutor, I like moving in a dynamic and multicultural environment.
Your request offers me an exciting task that I would like to meet with my profile and using the acquired skills to achieve your goals and sustainable success. 

'It takes the whole of life to learn how to live'

 Lucius Annaeus Seneca

Das Geheimnis des Parzivals

German novel 

German novel